Growing Green Fields and a Green Environment.

Accomack Organic Feed specializes in growing organic grain for animal feed consumption and aims to be the best land steward in the process.

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Our mission is to be able to produce top quality grain for animal feed and minimize our environmental impact. As an organic grain farmer, the focus is away from feeding the economic crop with synthetic fertilizer as conventional farmers today implement. Instead, organic farming focuses on feeding the soil. An organic farmer builds organic matter, uses naturally balanced slow releasing fertilizer, and carries out practices that promote soil life. We have to farm every acre, not thinking of what the soil can give this year’s crop now, but instead managing the soil to keep giving crops what they need for the future.

Currently, our rotation plan for organic livestock feed is:

  • soybeans
  • corn
  • sorghum
  • wheat
  • oats

There is also interest in having an alfalfa crop, and we are investigating the potential local demand of bale for livestock growers. Currently, we are marketing the organic grain to Pennsylvania feed mills. However, the long term goal is to eventually produce feed rations from grain grown on the farm to sell directly to livestock growers.

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